How To Avoid Social Anxiety/Shyness, Have Amazing Conversation, And Make 10x More Friends

If You Want The Exact Steps To Having Conversations That Make Women Call You Back To Hang Out, Have 10x More Friends In Your Social Circle, Consistently Get Invited To Parties, Get-Togethers And Other Social Events Then This Will Be The Most Important Letter You Ever Read…

Dear Friend Who Wants Social Success And More Friends,

    Have you ever had this happen to YOU?

  • Have you ever had a good conversation with people you thought were friends and when you walked away you can hear them snickering and laughing at you?
  • Do you become self-conscious and stilted at social gatherings because other people ignore you?
  • Have you ever been in a situation where there’s a girl you like and some guy deliberately embarrasses you. And you see that look come over her eyes that makes you realize she probably sees you as a loser?
  • Do you find that your friends conveniently aren’t around when you need them the most?
  • Do you feel like others have all the power and choice when it comes to social situations like making friends and going out with others…and you have little or none?
  • Do you wish you knew how to stop jerks in their tracks whenever they have fun at your expense?
  • Do you hate the idea of admitting to others that you feel insecure about this area of your life, and you really wish you could do it yourself?
  • Do you get really freaked out when others become upset or dramatic at you…and not know what to do?
  • Would you Really like to have exceptional friends…who don’t use others…and who are there when you need them?
  • Have you ever felt like NOTHING you ever do will change your situation and you should just accept it?
  • Would you like to have really outgoing, fun friends who are social and outgoing, but have no idea how to connect with them?
  • Or do you already have success in this area to some extent, but you’d like to take it to the next level RIGHT NOW and start having more consistent results?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, then I have some important news for you…

You’re NOT alone. In fact, that list of questions came from my own personal experince and from learning about this area of my life for myself.

The Bottom Line Is This…

NOT having friends and feeling uncomfortable in social environments sucks!

It makes you feel out-of-place, left out and lonely.

It leaves you feeling like you have no power in your life.

It takes over your thoughts where you can’t focus on your job or other areas of your life. It overpowers everything else…

On the other hand…

KNOWING how to fit in, make friends effortlessly and handle bullies feels AMAZING.

It feels good going into a social setting, walk right up to the people who invited you and start a conversation where everyone likes you.

It feels good knowing how to be the guy who gets invited everywhere, where people have to PERSUADE you to lose sleep and come hang out with them.

It just feels good knowing how to make friends.

Most Shy Guys Never Figure Out What It Takes To Become Socially Savvy. They Try The Same Things Over And Over Again…And Fail

In a moment I'm going to give you a technique so you can overcome that.

But before I do that...

Who am I? And what do I have anything to do with anxiety, shyness and social issues? Let me tell you a short story about who I am and my life when I was shyintroverted and the guy who was always left out.

When I was growing up my father kept a tight leash around me to keep any outsiders from influencing me.

What that means is I wasn’t allowed to have friends because they’re “ALL BAD INFLUENCE”

I went to school, came home, got math tutored and next day went back to school.

"I Had No Friends"

My mother picked out my clothes and made sure it DIDN’T fit in with the mainstream crowd…because if it did in her words I’d become ‘corrupt’.

Her idea of style is what people wore back in her days.

When I argued …I was guilt tripped and she literally said:

“I’m Using My Hard Earned Money To Buy You This, You Should Appreciate It.”

As you have guessed we were also very poor.

"I Had Serious Lack Of Confidence"

I managed one or two friends and mostly talked to them over the internet.


In Fact! People hated me in school because I was "odd" and "different".

I hated them for labeling me that…But deep inside I wanted to be accepted.

And then something changed.

I met this girl…

She was HOT.

She was the type who had all the attention, guys chasing her, always out…

Me I basically had no friends, no weekend life, none of that stuff.

We went on a date and for the most part it went pretty well.

We sat down and I thought about when I’d see her next and suggested “Hey next time we can go to Symposium Café ”

She looked at me square in the eye and said “There won’t be a next time.”


I went home and thought back on my life. From the people I knew, to the routines that I was living to where I’d be ten years from now.

I was sad, pissed-off, and angry

That was the tipping point for me…

This Is Not Where I Wana Be In My Life

I decided I’d do ANYTHING to get out.

How much lower can I go than this? I lost my inhibition, thought of nothing else. Pretty much bootstrapped and tried making friends, getting to know more people, I tried getting invited to events, I tried standing up to bullies.

No matter how hard I tried I FAILED over and over again.

I just went home at night, recuperated, and went on about it next day.

By Chance I Came Across...

Sometime after I came across a guy nicknamed Em. I’ve never ran into anyone with an air of POWER, CONFIDENCE and SOCIAL PERSOANLITY that he had.

He had women CHASING him all over the place and people from years ago still calling him back.

And I have a feeling he somehow knew I had trouble fitting in.

The gist of it is he invited me to hang out with his group and we became good friends and he helped me with some of my social challenges.

It started to make sense for me.

Over time I found several other guys like Em who I consider some of the BEST IN THE WORLD, (It was NOT easy with these guys and it took YEARS finding them) and hung out with them.

It Saw What I Was Doing Wrong

I started to see what I did wrong all my life.

What others really thought of introverted men.

I was getting more and more comfortable in social environments.

The Discovery That Changed My Life

And I came to a realization…

“It doesn’t matter how hard you try…you can’t learn how to become socially savvy if you’re on the receiving end of social disapproval.”

Unless you’re INVITED in by those groups you’re never going to figure out how to be successful like them…the puzzle pieces are never going to fit together.

I retraced my steps of how I was before, and how I am now.

Found what I was doing DIFFERENT started doing JUST THAT.

Completely eliminating the things I did before.

Like Magic

What happened next blew me away. People IMMEDIATELY started responding to me how they would with Em and those other guys.

I didn’t believe what was happening.

They told me I had a certain “Power and Authority” about me.

I consciously knew what I was doing right this time…so I applied it with completely different groups again and again.

And that’s when I started getting consistent results.

Seeing the TREMENDOUS leap from being the guy just part of the group to the guy who suddenly became popular I wanted to see if I can teach others to do the same.

How It Worked For Others

I decided to take one or two techniques and teach it to others.

I wanted to see if it would do anything for them.

And it did! They were getting the same results I was.

The realization kicked in that I “Stumbled” onto something very interesting that no one else knew about. So I spent the next several years studying this through psychology and by going out into the real world with these guys and experimenting. I was able to eventually develop this into a system and method that gets results every-single time.

Before I get into that…

What's The Technique I Was Going To Teach You Earlier?

Here it is...

You already know not knowing what to talk about can kill your interactions.


Do you think CONVERSATION has a direct connection between popularity and likability? I think it does…

Not Knowing How To Keep Conversations Going Can Creep Others Out.

It gets awkward being around that person.

When you become masterful in the art of conversation people are naturally drawn to you and it’s easier to fit in with the groups you want.

Most people go into interactions expecting the other person to say something “Sooo…what’s up?”

And because this person has nothing to add they are considered weird by others.

One of the reasons conversation is important is that from an EVOLUTIONARY standpoint conversation is what allowed our ancestors to get along with each other.

When we don’t have conversations others can’t figure us out, they don’t trust us because they don’t know what we’re about.

What Do You Talk About?

Have you seen how popular mainstream music artists are?

What makes them so popular? What makes them so desirable?

Why do you think there is no hit music video about a guy reading the newspaper? Or watching TV?



The media knows what to COMMUNICATE to people and song writers make sure to incorporate that RIGHT message and deliver it to people in the form of songs and music videos.

They figured out what particularly communicates well with others and gets them in rapport.

It’s NOT accidental.

You can use this knowledge and include it in your conversations to hold people’s attention and have them interested in what you have to say.

Here's a hint...

Music videos show a life people wish they had, away from the mundane.

Away from work, family, responsibilities etc…

It’s something that’s only available during the weekends…the WEEKEND life.

The media knows we seek this escape so they portray it. They show music artists having this life and it ATTRACTS people.

That fun, no-responsibility part of the week.

So…here’s what you do.

Go to YouTube and find music videos with 3Million + hits and see what the topic is about, what the theme is. That’s the theme and topic people are most interested in.

Use those topics in your conversation and INSTANTLY you have something others will pay attention to.

Try it.

What I Was Persuaded To Do

The more I taught this stuff to my friends the more they pressured me to write a book about it. After getting numerous requests again and again I gave in…

I’ve finally put together what is arguably the most complete educational product on the planet for DRAMATICALLY increasing your success in the social arena into an ebook I named “Secrets To Becoming Socially Savvy & How To Attract 10x More Friends.”

It’s a complete system that if you follow you get better if not the same results as some of the most social people you know.

You’ll go into clubs and parties and IMMEDIATELY draw people’s attention.

What I gave you earlier is a tip of the iceberg. It goes much much deeper that I can’t get into it in this letter…

You'll be at the cutting-edge of social awareness and skills.

If you decided you’re ready for SUPER-SUCCESS in this area of your life and want it RIGHT NOW then you might see yourself reading the ebook I’ve written and using the techniques in it.

You already have a piece of the puzzle that I gave to you.

This is your chance to get “behind the scenes” of what it’s like to have the success most people wish they had and live their lives without.

And I’ll tell you everything so you get the whole picture.

Here's What You're Getting

Here's a SMALL list of what you're learning inside this exciting educational program:

  • What women secretly like about men but will NEVER tell you Pg.35
  • The ONE mistake men do with EVERY hang out that makes it boring Pg.70
  • What bullies DON’T expect from you, and makes them think twice before approaching you again Pg.80
  • FIVE simple words that gets people to WANT to hang out with you. Pg.67
  • The ONE mindset that changes you to an OUTGOING personality. Pg.46
  • An overlooked style of communication where people get GLUED to your conversation. Pg.57
  • Why most people would rather you DIDN’T have social success. Pg.51
  • When being a Jerk just enough gets people interested in you Pg.34
  • SIX UNIVERSAL traits disrespected in western society and how you can avoid it Pg.51
  • Why being funny works against you IF you don’t know this one key element Pg.60
  • When satisfying the LEAST amount of people makes you the most desirable Pg.43
  • What you learned as a kid that’s currently DESTROYING your adult social life Pg.48
  • Simple 3-Step-Formula for increasing CONFIDENCE, generate CHARISMA and give you AUTHORITY so others take you seriously. Pg.41
  • The REAL reason why most shy men will never have REAL success in social environments…and how to SMASH THROUGH and permanently eliminate that obstacle Pg.25
  • The UNDER THE RADAR PSYCHOLOGY of group behavior that no one knows but everybody does and you can tap into that for tremendous social success Pg.11
  • A check list of things to do when dealing with others that IMMEDIATELY sets you apart in a way that makes you look “Cool”. Pg.51
  • A quick, easy way to “Turn The Tables” when you are confronted with an asshole/bully Pg.81
  • NEWSFLASH: Why EVERYBODY judges a “Book By Its Cover” and where your first impression with others are going wrong Pg.22
  • 4 Styles of conversation 3 of which kill your chances of ANY success. Pg.54
  • Foolproof method of avoiding REJECTION when meeting people Pg.74
  • How to use your unique traits and feature it in a way that makes others see you as “Cool” and WANT to be around you Pg.26
  • Why people Jude negatively about you before you even open your mouth to speak Pg.24
  • How to never publicly get humiliated and how to come out on top if it happens Pg.79
  • When you finally get the SUCCESS you set out for this is what you need to do to never lose it again Pg.83

You’ll get pages and pages of PRACTICAL real-world techniques that you won’t find anywhere else.

I Guarantee It!

If you could avoid social humiliation/rejection, have amazing conversation and have 10x more friends would you give me $1.21 a day for 30 days if it means having these skills for the rest of your life?

Would that be fair?

To sweeten the deal if you don’t like the book in the first 60 days just send me an email and I’ll refund every single penny to you AND you get to keep the book. 

That’s a NO RISK 100% Money Back Guarantee + You Get To Keep The Book. 

That’s a one-time payment of 37.95

Order Now

Click the order button.

Download my ebook which you’ll be reading in 5minutes, you’re going to read in that book 15min a day for the next 20 days and at the end of 20 days you will have a minimum 10x more friends, bullies are going to be avoiding YOU not the other way around and you’ll be at more parties, more get-togethers and more social events where people always look forward for you to arrive.

Do you want 10x more friends, more people paying attention to you in a way where they want to be around you, more number of people asking you to hangout than you know what to do with?


Do you want to continue feeling nervous at social events, have others ignore you when you’re trying to fit-in or worse, sit at home during weekends thinking of the events you weren’t invited but other people are going to? The choice is yours. But it’s up to you do take the next step.

I wish you the best of luck.

Your friend,


Chris Chandra


"Secrets To Becoming Socially Savvy & How To Attract 10x More Friends" takes you behind the scenes deep into the minds of other people. You get real world science & psychology that allows you to trigger emotional responses in poeple that draws them to you. When you are finished reading this book you'll have the kind of success where the only way others will explain it is crediting it to "luck" or they will think "life just dealt favorable cards to you" and only you will know the secret.

Download it now AT MY RISK and read it. You'll get immediate results. If you aren't 100% satisfied for ANY REASON AT ALL, you can send me an email and ask for a refund, KEEP THE BOOK, and pay nothing.

If you have any questions or comments click here to send me an email and I'll be happy to get back to you.

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